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Company Profile

Gandaki Gurkhas Pvt. Ltd. Is a leading and renowned Human Resource Management Company in the Himalayan Kingdom, Kathmandu, Nepal. It was established on 31July2006(2063/04/15BS) under Nepal Government Ministry of Labour and Transport Management, Department of Labour and Employment promotion having the license no 630/063/64. From the establishment, the company is recruiting highly skilled, skilled, semi-skilled and non-skilled Nepalese workers to an Employer around the world.

The company is well managed by professionals who did specialization in Human Resource Management. It has a team of staffs who are experienced, qualified and well trained.

Establishment of Gandaki Gurkhas

People from the village, intending to see the Overseas Employment, have to travel long distances to Kathmandu, and approach one of the many recruiting agencies, in order to acquire the necessary documentation and arrange onward journey. This often results in the capital, a stay for several days in the capital, a stay which is time consuming and expensive. Gandaki Gurkhas was established to safeguard and protect the interests of Nepalese who seek work abroad, whilst providing an effective, reliable recruiting services to an employer who genuinely seek to employ Nepalese citizens.

Gandaki Gurkhas Objectives

  • To Provide efficient, reliable and cost-effective Nepalese manpower to Employers around the world.
  • To help to minimize the extensive unemployment problem inducing foreign currency inflow.
  • To promote Nepalese manpower around the world.
  • To provide detail information about employment opportunities abroad.
  • To liaise between Employer and Employee.
Message From MD
Message From MD

Namaste and warm greetings!

Gandaki Gurkhas Pvt.Ltd. was established on 2063/4/15 (English date) with a vision to be a leading and complete human resource management com...

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